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S&G Janitorial Services provide excellent work for each individual client. We guarantee that our management team will provide you with high quality service.

S&G Janitorial Services is a minority owned business where all of the principals actively participate in the day-to-day operations of the company. A telephone call is the only distance between any issue which may arise at your buildings and the personal attention of a owner of the company.

Services Available to our clients

Entrance and Reception Area

We ensure that the first impression visitors receive in our client offices are a favorable one. It's our job to maintain that visual first impression on an ongoing basis


Our Staff is expertly trained in the daily maintenance, specialized service and care of carpets and rugs. We are equally experienced in the proper maintenance of vinyl and ceramic tile, marble, granite, and other sophisticated hard surfaces.


"We believe our clients will be extremely pleased with the excellent service S & G Janitorial Services provides."

"We offer what others don't price, quality and reliability to our clients, large or small locations... Without compromise."

S&G House Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Party Clean Up
Move In/Out Cleaning
Scrub, Seal and
Wax Vinyl/Ceramic Tile

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house mansion
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