Our Mission

The mission of S&G Janitorial Services is to provide the highest quality cleaning services to our customers, to provide this level of service by training and retaining a work force which is highly, motivated and totally dedicated to the mission of customer satisfaction. To be consistent and thorough in the service we provide, while never losing sight of the fact that our two greatest assets are our customers and employees.

About us




Ms. Silvia Guerrero, President of S&G Janitorial Services immigrated to the United States on 1991. 5 years after her arrival, she immediately started a residential cleaning service, servicing residents on the Peninsula in San Mateo County. S&G grew quickly as residential business, employing five full time employees, including herself. S&G residential business was severely affected by the downturn in the economy, reason for her to redirect her business focus to commercial properties, where she could still remain in the same industries providing a similar type of cleaning, but retaining all her full time employees.

S&G Janitorial was an example of how a good business can form in the times of hardship. Silvia continues to educate her employees on how to improve the level of service, while overseeing every detail of the business. Silvia has built a family business that she is very proud of. S&G Janitorial Services plans to expand as a commercial service for other Class A Buildings in the Bay Area.

S&G Janitorial Services is a distinctive, professional, cleaning company that is totally owner operated. As such, the principals of, S&G oversees every aspect of services they provide. Therefore they are able to completely respond to the needs of our customers and are able to make immediate decisions.

Our history in the industry proves that our tradition is based on excellent work. Leveling our customers with the most satisfied experience possible at every level of authority.

We respect our employees and motivate them to grow. We thank God that has been with us in good and bad times, also with us from beginning to end.

This is the reason that S&G Janitorial Service has kept it standing.

"Good work, No excuses"





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